Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Moab: October 2010

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always insisted that a big deal be made of my Birthday. When I was younger, my Mom would throw me big Halloween themed parties. All of my friends would come dressed in their Halloween costumes and we would bob for apples, break open a pinata, and play that game where you try to eat a doughnut off of a string without using your hands.

Admittedly, as I'm getting older the novelty of being a year older is certainly wearing off. That being said, my birthday is in October and October is also an excellent time to visit Southern Utah, so why not celebrate in Southern Utah.

In years past we've spent my Birthday in Zion, in fact it was on my Birthday that Mr. 1313 proposed to me while we were hiking in Zion (that in and of itself is a funny story). This year I wanted to switch things up and when Hoodoo's puppysitter bailed on us, we decided that we would head down to Moab, which is a far more dog friendly place.

I was a little apprehensive initially because I haven't exactly had the best of luck when camping or hiking this year but, we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. The highs were in the 70's and the lows were in the 40's.
We set up camp in the Sand Flats Recreation Area near the Fins n' Things trail head.

Hoodoo was on cloud nine
, he was tearing around the camp spot and the surrounding sandstone relishing in all of the new sites and smells.

Sunday was spent hiking Negro Bill Canyon. There are a number of stream crossings on that hike, someone wasn't to pleased about that fact.

He's a bit of a Diva and doesn't enjoy getting wet.

At the end of the canyon you reach Morning Glory Arch, which is the 6th largest natural bridge in the U.S. according to the BLM. We all sat and rested in the cool sand below the arch and Hoodoo proved just how incredibly patient he truly is.

I know, I know, we're terrible but he was actually lying on his side and once we gave him the release command he was able to easily able to free himself.

We had a great time on our hike. When I get a chance, I'll write a post about our adventures in "off-roading" aka exploring dirt roads.

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